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More and more corporations are giving away wallpapers as corporate giveaways. This is one of the fast rising trends in the world of corporate giveaways and corporate marketing.

It’s easy to see why more firms are using wallpaper packages as gifts. First of all, they’re fairly compact. Second, they offer a tremendous amount of variety and designs. Third, they don’t cost all that much. And fourth, there are many alternative uses for them.

Just because somebody gave a client a wallpaper package, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the client would unwrap it and install it on their walls. Many wallpapers can actually be mounted and put on display as art objects. Some can also be used for alternative uses as parts of an assembly or even turned into scrapbook material. It all depends on the design, texture and package size.

With that said, it’s too easy for any company to just jump on the wallpaper bandwagon with both feet and end up doing all the wrong things. The truth is, it’s easy to grasp the aesthetic appeal of wallpaper as corporate giveaways. The problem is, it’s quite difficult to find the right vendor. Make no mistake about it, if you give the wrong wallpaper from a less than stellar supplier, you might end up creating more problems than you solve.

The whole point of corporate giveaways is to put your brand on display. You’re either creating new relationships, or you’re trying to maintain existing ones. Whatever the case may be, your brand is on display. If you commit any missteps or make bad decisions as far as the quality or quantity of the wallpaper you give away goes, your brand might suffer.

This is why it’s really important when looking for this type of corporate gift to find the right vendor. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. As you probably already know, finding corporate gift vendors can be a hit or miss affair. For every high quality, thoroughly professional vendor, there are a much larger number of companies that just do things by the seat of their pants.

Many of these are fly by night operations. Many of these cut corners by offering low quality, shoddy products. Many of these try to lure you in with ridiculously cheap wares and leave you hanging as far as availability and quality are concerned. Put simply, there’s just so many things that could go wrong.

Accordingly, you need to be more careful when looking for the right Singapore wallpaper shop. You’re not just looking for a shop in actuality. Instead, you are looking for a strategic partner that would enable your brand to look good over the long haul to the right people.

Be More Strategic and Methodical When Looking for Vendors

The simple solution is that you should be strategic and methodical when looking for the right Singapore wallpaper shop. The best way to do this is to ask the following questions. Depending on the answers you get, you would quickly know whether you’re in contact with the right provider, or you might need to keep looking.

Can the shop accommodate a wide range of designs?

There is no shortage of wallpaper shop in Singapore and elsewhere. The problem is, they possess a wide diversity as far as manufacturing capabilities, design aesthetics and preferences go. This is why it’s really important to start the conversation on the topic of design. Do they have the manpower, infrastructure or track record of accommodating a wide range of designs?

Design diversity is crucial for your corporation because you want your recipients to feel that they are getting something distinctive. If the Singapore wallpaper shop you’re sourcing your materials from is flooding the market with a narrow range of designs, then it’s very hard for your recipients to feel special when they receive your wallpaper gift.

Does the prospective vendor provide intensive customization services?

Customization, of course, falls into a spectrum. It can go from just a simple blank spot where you can put on a sticker of your corporate logo to specialized printing of your corporate message. It’s important to have a clear idea as to where the particular wallpaper shop you’re thinking of doing business with, falls within this spectrum. Now, ask yourself whether the customization they provide is intensive enough for your purposes.

Can the shop deliver volume materials?

Another key factor to consider is volume. If you are trying to pursue a comprehensive marketing strategy that involves a wide geographic area and a huge number of potential recipients, you need to partner with a company that is up to the job. They can’t just produce a handful of goods. They have to be able to come up with a large number of gifts in a relatively short period of time.

Can the firm deliver volume materials on time?

Depending on the particulars of your corporate giveaway campaign, timing may be very sensitive. This is especially true if you’re trying to pair your giveaway campaign with some sort of holiday or some sort of corporate time table. Whatever the event may be, make sure that you are dealing with a company that can deliver on a staggered schedule.

In other words, they’re not just going to drop all materials all at once. They can at least schedule the materials to be delivered to you in waves. This increases your firm’s versatility. This also enables you to make sure that you are able to give the right gifts at the right time, to maximize the right impact.

Does the prospective supplier accommodate volume discounts?

There are lots of suppliers out there that can produce Singapore wallpaper very quickly. They can also accommodate volume. The problem is, their costs are fixed and they really can’t move all that much as far as pricing is concerned. This can be a serious problem, especially if you feel that you are ordering at a high enough volume that you should at least get some sort of discount pricing.

Don’t partner with a firm that is very inflexible or won’t move as far as volume discounts are concerned. After all, you may be giving away gifts, but these gifts have the ultimate purpose of producing a return on investment. Doing business with a Singapore wallpaper shop that is unwilling to cut you a break on pricing is going to cut into your return on investment.

Do they have a track record of happy corporate customers?

It’s important to make sure that whichever shop you deal with has a track record of dealing with corporate customers. We’re not talking about firms that deal only with individual buyers. The dynamics there may be very different from yours. Instead, look for a vendor that has a track record of not only doing volume corporate work, but have a collection of happy corporate customers.

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Singapore Food Blog

How to Start a Food Blog?

Do you want to be a food blogger? Would like to start a food blog? But, don’t know how or where to start? No worries; this section is really for you people to know the ways to create a food blog. It should be difficult to deal with the technical stuff while starting a cooking blog. This section helps you to start a beautiful food blog by sharing few tips. In order to start a new food blog, there are 2 options waiting for you people.

Option #1:

If you don’t like to design your food blog website by yourself or don’t have that much technical stuff, then you can hire a web designer to do it. On the other hand, you also need to spend a lot of money for the professionals. But, you need to get more reference and then pay for the web designers.

Option #2:

If you’re interested in the Do It Yourself method of creating a food blog, then you no need to worry about the money. You know, there are self-hosted WordPress that aids you to make the process so easy. In this method, you can save huge dollars and as well as make as per your wish too.

From these 2 options, you can choose anyone. But, before deciding between these 2 options, you have to take a right decision on many things such as the name of your blog and domain name that suits your needs. Instead of going with the hiring professional option, it is best to prefer DIY. Creating it by yourself is very easy with the enhanced tools for WordPress theme, WordPress, plugins, and so on.

Therefore, start your own food blog to share your secret food items at a very low cost. 

There are so many food choices in the Singapore when you look foods to taste. But, if you want to find out a particular restaurant in the specific area of Singapore, then the Singapore food blogs help you to access and as well as you can able to spend your money on quality and delicious foods. And, so many Singapore food bloggers are created their blogs to share about their service with unique food items.

  • I Eat I Shoot I Post
    Dr Leslie Tay, better known by his moniker “ieat” has spent almost a decade roaming around Singapore in search of the best hawker food and then publishing his mouth watering pictures and stories on his award winning food blog,
  • FoodGem
    FoodGem is a kind of trendy and growing food & travel blog. The author share about great food & travel reviews. So, you will enjoy reading this blog with reviews. In addition to that, you can also find out the best food in the Singapore to taste it.

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Choose Customised Pens as Corporate Gift

If you are looking for a corporate gift then pens are a definite choice. It is easier to buy and also gets printed conveniently. Companies can easily buy a pen with their logo engraved on the pen and gift them to their employees. A pen is a great idea as a gift because it is one of the most used items in the office. You can decorate a pen nicely by mentioning company logo along with specific information about the company, its motto or may be just mentioning the contact information about the company along with the employee name.

Corporate Gifts

Demand for the corporate gifts is increasing and companies are looking for various designed made from hard wood, stones, steel, brass, silver or gold. The type of material that you choose for a pen also depends on various factors. The finished product will be greatly impacted by the choice of materials used to make a hand-made pen. If you are searching for a hand carved gen then you may be opting for an expensive pen. All these are the ways to make a pen look exquisite and special without thinking about its cost. Customers become happy and always look for some special kind of gift which could be costly but at the same time useful or easy to carry. Pens for corporate gift can be mainly of two types of colors such as blue ink and second one is of black ink.

Things to consider

Before choosing any pen as a corporate gift there are few things that must be considered. Generally a special pen or a company gift could be used by employees or to gift it to the clients so one should maintain a good quality pen with refilling option available. You can choose the type of ink and outside body of the pen. When you are looking to sign contracts or providing a quote to the potential customer then an employee may be using a pen. There are certain places where you can find high quality hand-made pen. It doesn’t really give experience of smooth writing but at the same time can be used as an ideal corporate gift.

Corporate gifts are one of the best ideas that can never go wrong. It is commonly used by the sales, person, president and even by higher authorities of the company. If you can hand made a pen that contains your contact information and logo of the company then you will be able to provide a quality corporate gift. The same hand-made pen can also be gifted to the clients and can also be used as a medium by which you can promote your company. Engravings on the pen can be of different kind and type. If you can engrave both pen and case then you will get more personalised gift that not everyone will be having. At the same, buying corporate executive pens is an investment that will pay you off and give you better business opportunities by making your clients happy.

Marketing Benefits of Promotional Pens

img_9501 img_9499


The current marketplace is becoming lot more competitive and companies are looking at different promotional methods by making use of new type of products and services. At the same time, it is not possible for the company to use expensive methods of promotion due to high costs involved. In such cases, pens can be a great option when you are looking to starve off your competitors and participate in different marketing campaigns by making use of different corporate gift plans.

Customized or personalized ball point pens are one of the easiest ways to promote your company, create brand awareness and advertise about your company. the technology has become vastly advanced that it can be used to produce printed pens that match your corporate identity and can also be mixed up to produce better quality printed pens. So you can make use of this small tool and create a complete marketing plan. The concept of printed pens is becoming quite prevalent these days and it can be an attractive option when you are looking to compete with the same option. The more attractive will be your personalized ball point, the more effective it will be as a corporate gift.

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The Best Time to Give Cooperate Gifts

pen_2b towel_featured

Photos: GiftCity

Most companies’ award gifts to those people they find valuable to the company as a way of showing their appreciation during festive holidays or on special occasions. When the company decides to give gifts it’s always best to send them at the appropriate time so as to relay their message even better.  Make enquiries on the best time to give gifts if you are not sure when to send the gifts.

Client’s gifts

It is very important to send gifts to clients to show them that you appreciate them and their relationship. Whether it’s a small company or a large company appreciating your clients is eminent. When you decide to send the gifts make sure that your timing is perfect. You do not want your gift to reach in an empty office or again to reach to the recipients too early. Do a proper research on occasions and celebrations before sending out gifts .you might find that some people do not celebrate some occasions. Make sure that you give your client the upper hand when giving out gifts.

When giving clients gifts do not send gifts when you are trying to seal deal with that client. They might find it offensive and hence the company loses. If you really feel the need to send a gift wait till the contract between your company and their company has been accepted, signed and agreed then you can send.

Always know the best time to send cooperate gifts to clients. You can send a gift to a client after you have completed a project. Moreover, you can send a gift when they are launching a product because it helps strengthen the relationship for future working partnership.

Employees gifts

Giving an employee a gift helps strengthen the working relationship. An employee who receives a gift from the company he or she works for feels appreciated. He or she will work even harder to improve the services of the company.

A happy worker or employee means a productive company. Giving gifts to employees should also be at the right time such as: employees who have worked hard to secure deals, or celebrating a colleague who has just been promoted to a new position, during festive holidays or even their birthdays and anniversaries.

Some gifts that the company can awards their employees with are salary bonuses, restaurant gift cards, gift cards for them. When giving gifts to employees always make them feel all equal and appreciated and no one should be given a gift of more value than the other. Co-workers always relay information to one another so if they discover that their gifts are either higher or lower they may become proud or resent the company.

Service providers

Service providers for your companies would also feel appreciated when they get gifts from your company. They realize that although they are not employees their work does not go noticed also. But always take precaution before handing out gifts to service providers. Find if they have restriction with receiving gifts.

The best time to give theme gifts is mostly at the end of year, or a national festive holiday celebrated by everyone. The best gift for them is giving them a small amount of money depending on whom or what they do for the company. One can also give out gift cards if you do not really know them with a small message of appreciation

No matter the size of the gifts everyone who gets its at the right time always feels appreciated be it the clients or customers, the employees or even the supervisors. They all work harder towards the success of the company and its growth.

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GiftCity: Singapore Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts: Your Brand Speaker


Corporate gifts are a great way to promote your brand. This should be pretty evident if you’ve ever gone to any kind of convention and seen all the corporate and branded items there.

Corporate giveaways are part of the ‘industry standard’ marketing practices in most industries. They offer a swift, effective, and relatively inexpensive way to push your brand forward with the audience you’re trying to reach. They have become indispensable tools in establishing credibility for any kind of business brand.

It’s easy to think that you only need to get something with your logo made in bulk and distribute it at a public event, and you’re good. This is simplistic thinking. In many cases, you end up making the wrong impression.

You have to remember that your corporate gifts are brand ambassadors of your company. They’re not something that you take lightly. They’re not something that you get made, distribute, and forget about. They should be part of a larger overall branding strategy.

Otherwise, you put yourself in the unfortunate situation of having others define your brand. You don’t want your company to be thought of as cheap, classless, or tacky. Unfortunately, that type of situation happens all the time.

There are many fairly large companies as well as fast-rising companies that end up hitting a branding speed bump because they became careless with their strategy.

Corporate gifts form a key part of the overall brand identity you’re creating for your company. Be very careful. You should only give away corporate gifts that reflect the brand values you are trying to create in the minds of your target customers.

Here are just eight things your corporate gifts say about your company:

#1: Traditional Gifts Do Not Create the Right Impression

Traditional gifts like ballpens, manual fans, balloons, and the like do not produce the right impression. In many cases, they’re completely neutral.

The only message that you are communicating when you give these types of gifts is that you’re going through the motions. That’s right. They seem obligatory.

They don’t really present your company in the best light possible. This is especially true if you buy substandard pens and put your brand on it. If anything, such gifts would make your company look cheap.

#2: Corporate Gifts are Supposed to Be Memorable

Your corporate gifts impact how memorable your brand is. This can have a lasting impact when you’re trying to build networks for business development. You want distributors, vendors, suppliers, and service providers to have a very professional view of your company.

Pay attention to just how memorable the gift is. If it’s something that’s extremely forgettable because it’s so generic, like a pen, you might want to think twice. You might want to focus on something that’s easier to remember.

#3: Corporate Gifts should Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Complete Business Ecosystem

You might think that gifts bearing your logo are primarily intended for the general public. You would be absolutely wrong.

When people start sharing your gifts, it’s only a matter of time until it gets to your complete business ecosystem. We’re talking about your distributors, business providers, vendors.

These people might get the wrong impression of your brand if you get the wrong corporate gifts made.

#4: Consider Giving the Right Expensive Gift to the Right People

If you are trying to maintain a relationship with longtime high-value clients, you might want to spend more money on expensive corporate gifts.

It may seem like you are spending over budget and this might seem like a luxury. However, considering how much these preferred clients contribute to your bottom line, you should quickly realize that whatever money you spend on more expensive gifts are actually a drop in the bucket.

Focus on the long-term overall value of the relationship. Don’t focus on the price tag of the corporate gifts you are buying from corporate gifts supplier.

#5: Internal Gifts Boost Employee Productivity

When you give gifts to your staff, it says a lot about your corporate values. At the very least, giving to your employees says that you value their work and loyalty.

This goes a long way in boosting overall productivity, as well as work quality.

It might seem like you’re not spending all that much money on these gifts, but it’s the thought that counts.

#6: It Says to Your Employees that They Are Appreciated

Most people like to think that they matter. Most people like to feel appreciated and acknowledged.

By simply giving gifts to your in-house staff as well as your freelancers and contractors, you increase the likelihood that they would become more loyal to your company.

Everybody likes to feel appreciated, even people who do business with many different customers. You can bet that they are more loyal, or at least more appreciative, of clients who give them tokens of appreciation.

#7: It Says Volumes about Your Business Strategy

When you’re giving corporate gifts, people equate the selection, type, and overall quality of the gift with their perception of your business strategy. Either you’re a company that is going places, or you are a formerly great company that is on its way down.

It may not seem obvious, but the gifts that you choose actually stand in for certain corporate values.

#8: It Shows How Much You Value Your Clients

Your corporate gifts highlight to your clients how important they are to you.

These gifts should not be taken lightly. They should be functional, they should be memorable, and they should add solid value to the lives of the most important people to your business: your customers.

Make sure you invest quite a bit of time, effort, and energy in selecting the right gifts.

It’s easy to think that since there are so many companies offering these types of gifts, you can select them casually. That would be a big mistake.

You have to remember that everything you do in connection with your customer base, as well as your business ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, and service providers, has a direct impact on your brand.

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Singapore Food & Its Future

The culture of food is dynamic and keeps changing with time. With the modern world turning into speed and convenience, food is among the affected areas. Food scientists are always coming up with manuals of the foods to eat and not to eat. On the other hand, some of the sources of food are exhausted with time, prompting for alternate sources of food.

Among the major components of Singapore Foods is fish. Other foods include rice and wheat products especially noodle. With the WWF already signal for the extinction of Singapore fish, this is among the worries and factors that will influence the future of food in this country. When the main component of a country’s diet is at risk, then the future becomes something to worry about. For rice and wheat, the country is a giant producer and will therefore have a reliable supply.

The Present versus the Future

The culinary culture is among the aspects that Singapore prides in. this has been the culture for many years, and it might be in future. As always, the environment plays an important role in the sustainability and future strategies. The need to maintain the cultural foods and at the same time embrace new foods is a future strategy that requires careful planning and investment.

Generally, the idea of annual food festivals is a great step towards the future. It is during these festivals that new food recipes and renovated old recipes get a display. This is among the unseen strategy in determining the direction of the future of Singapore Food. The combination of both local and international chefs and recipes is a brilliant idea. With such present plans in the food sectors, Singapore can claim to be safe, in terms of food awareness, locally and internationally.

cheysua cheysua2

Photo Credits:

Factors to Consider

When the word future comes into play, many factors come into consideration. Food security is among the developments that any country endeavors to achieve. With a combination of fish, rice and wheat as staple foods; the following factors will influence the future of Singapore:

Environmental factors

The impact of the environment on food production is basic. Most of the adverse effects of the environment come from careless utilization of resources. For instance, fishing being among the economic activities of Singapore, any interference with the seawaters will affect fishing efficiency. Other factors such as adequacy of rainfall and temperature changes will affect the cultivation of rice and wheat.

Pricing Scales

Many factors affect the prices of food, with the demand and supply equations playing a major role. For products such as fish, the prices might increase. If the government is to consider the WWF report, fishing regulations might hike the prices. Although this might be for a short time, the vendors might take advantage of this for a lifetime.

Hawkers Fate

Hawkers are an important group in the food chain, especially in the delivery sector. They have increased in numbers over time and this has standardized the prices to some extent. Currently, the cost of living is increasing across the board and the hawkers will always translate this to the consumers. Since they are intermediaries, they may end up charging higher prices than the actual vendors charge. With this, it may lead to removal of this group from the system.

Variability of Delicacies

One of the most important future prides for Singapore is continual introduction of new delicacies. The festivals encourage chefs to do their best and this translates to continued improvement. The change will however include the surpluses and deficiencies in the Singapore Foods menu. Even with deficiencies, we can expect the delicacies to be awesome and worth the future.

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Singapore Wallpaper

Common Mistakes While Installing Wallpaper And How To Avoid Them

Credits: FamilyHandyMan

If you thought that wallpaper is passé, you are wrong! Wallpapers were indeed the norm many decades back and then they seemed to slowly fade out of fashion. But of late wallpapers are back with a bang! More and more homeowners are embracing wallpapers for their homes. Looking at the sheer variety of colours and textures and patterns of wallpaper that are available in the market today, it is easy to see why they are so attractive!

If you can spare the money, you could probably hire professionals to install wallpapers in your home. However if you would rather go the do-it-yourself route, you need to be aware of some common hiccups that you could potentially run into when wallpapering. This will help you avoid such problems and will ensure that the end result is perfect.

Measure, measure, measure!

The first thing that you need to do before starting your wallpaper project is to estimate how much wallpaper you would need. For this, you need to decide which of the walls in your home is going to be covered with wallpaper and measure them. Always double-check your measurements to be absolutely confident about them.

Also it would be wise to purchase a little more wallpaper than what your measurements actually tell you. This is especially true in case this is the first time that you are installing wallpaper on your own. Allow some margin for error – accidental tears or unintentional mistakes can happen easily while installing wallpaper.

It is important that you buy enough wallpaper from one dye slot because there could be slight variations in colour shades from one lot to another. This difference in shades from one wallpaper sheet to another can show up quite obviously and it won’t be a pretty picture.

Or the retailer might run out of a particular patterned wallpaper that you had bought initially, but had not planned ahead and hence had not bought enough of. You will certainly be in a fix if this is the case. So please make sure to always buy extra wallpaper. Further, do not throw away any scraps; store them safely since they might come in handy in case of any repairs in the future.

Keep an eye out for air bubbles

One of the most basic mistakes that need to be avoided when installing wallpaper is allowing air bubbles to develop between the wallpaper and the wall. Wallpaper should adhere to your walls smoothly and almost seamlessly. So when sticking the wallpaper, take the time to keep pushing out air bubbles as you proceed.

Despite your best efforts, in case you end up with small air bubbles after the wallpaper has been installed, you can fix it by pricking the air bubble and then smoothening it out. Large air bubbles will look very unsightly.

Never start from the centre of the room

Please start the installation from an inconspicuous area of the room. It will surely take some time for a novice to get the hang of wallpapering. If you start off at the most noticeable part of the room, then all your tiny mistakes would be clearly visible.

Take care of the edges

Credits: Singapore Wallpaper

Often the edges of the wallpaper tends to curl up. This is because enough adhesive hasn’t been applied to the edges or the adhesive dried up before you could stick the wallpaper properly. You will need to work reasonably quickly in order to make sure that the wallpaper sticks properly and neatly and of course you must use the correct amount of adhesive. Too much and the wallpaper can become a gluey mess, too little and it won’t stick well.

Also, keep in mind that you would need to prepare the wall prior to wallpapering. Using a primer would be your best bet. This is a compulsory step especially if using a thin or light coloured wallpaper which will allow any stains or imperfections on the walls behind it to show through.

Uneven or shabby edges can be a result of not using a sharp blade to trim the edges. It is essential that the blade used for trimming the wallpaper is not blunt – else it will give a very untidy and amateurish appearance to your wallpaper.

Allow some bandwidth for shrinkage

Usually wallpapers are wet when installing, but as they dry they will probably shrink a bit. This could lead to small gaps between one wallpaper sheet to another or at wall corners. So do allow a tiny bit of wallpaper to overlap one another so that when they shrink the wall remains completely covered and there are no odd gaps.

Installing wallpaper on your own can be a time consuming project. But with the right tools and some patience soon you will become a pro in wallpapers!

By | September 1st, 2016|News|0 Comments – Singapore Wallpaper Startup Wallpaper Singapore is a new wallpaper singapore startup co-found by 3 young entrepreneur. The company focus on providing quality wallpaper of two different genre: pvc (polyvinyl chloride) and non-woven.

This 2 type of wallpaper are the most popular in the market, their durability is between 5 to 7 years, however factors such as workmanship, humidity and other elements could affect the durability.

Wallpaper Designs





Wallpaper vs Painting

Wallpaper Pros:

  • Very durable – able to hold up wear & tear by children.
  • Many of the wallpaper are scrubbable.
  • Good visual effects & mood therapy.

Wallpaper Cons:

  • High moisture area might cause the wallpaper to peel off.
  • Remove existing wallpaper can be a tedious job to do. Always consult an expert for removal.

Painting Pros:

  • Require lesser preparation work than wallpaper installation.
  • Durable

Painting Cons:

  • Damaged wall could be chipped off and require repainting.
  • Limited visual effects and design compare to wallpaper.

Korea wallpaper

Just as the trend of Korea linking with K-Pop, K-Drama and anything that related to Korea.

Korea Wallpaper is also very popular in the wallpaper industry. They feature a boost of floral, some art painting, bubbles, modern wallpaper style.


Wallpaper definitely take a hit to the painting market, and now they are in trend with most young family. Definitely 1 of the must consideration design factor when you approach your interior designer.

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Shuttlely – Singapore Startup for Shuttlecock

Shuttlely is a Singapore startup brand that is providing premium quality shuttlecock at affordable price. Shuttlecock consist of premium goose feather, 3 layer natural cork head and it is specially for training or competition purposes. A good 3 layer sandwich cork will enhance the shuttlecock durability which make it last longer in a game. Every layer of feather is carefully picked which gives the shuttlecock flight stability.

Shuttlely’s shuttlecock are speed 77 which is suitable for countries at sea level and perfectly fine temperature. Shuttlecock are manufactured in China’s goose feather city which ensure the feather’s quality and good pricing. We do provide wholesale shuttlecocks to Shuttlely distributor as we directly deal with manufacturers.

A good warehouse is equivalent to good shuttlecocks as it play an important part to quality shuttlecock. To ensure our product quality is always on check, we have warehouse in Singapore and China. Shuttlely shuttlecock was developed to fulfill shuttlers’ desire for cheaper shuttlecocks, that do not compromise on quality. Because we want to make badminton cheaper for everyone, why not start with the shuttlecocks? Shuttlely delivers to customer a brand new shuttlecock experience. Our shuttlecocks’ quality is comparable to many named brands in the market, at a fraction of the price.

Badminton String is a very important part of your badminton racquet. Right string can make a lot difference to your play. A high-end racquet normally does not come with a string. Hence, it gives you freedom to select the optimise string and right tension. A good string appropriately setup should give you good resilience, good feel, less shock, more control. Of course, you also want it to be durable. So you don’t have to restring frequently. A good string plus labor fee can easily cost you 20 dollars.

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What is Corporate Gifts?

Singapore Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift come in many shapes and type. They are mostly given by a business to its employee, business partners or for marketing purpose.

Type of Corporate Gifts




Corporate gifts also known as Promotional Merchandise mainly come in the form of e.g Tissue Paper, Water Bottle, Pen, Lanyard, Umbrella, and even unique stuffs like Travel Adaptor. Most of such corporate gifts are printed with the company logo or design on the corporate gift to show a form of branding as compare to products without the company printed logo.

Corporate gift come in many shapes and type. They are mostly given by a business to its employee, business partners or for marketing purpose.

Why Corporate Gifts?

Company gift is mainly used for building relationship between business to business, business to customer. It is often given at events such as company anniversary, company new product launch, company diner etc.

The most common period is December during the thanks giving month, many corporate gifts are ordered and given to important relations of the business.

Main consideration when buying Corporate Gifts

  • OEM (does the product allow customisation such as adding your company logo / design)
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Cost per piece
  • Time to manufacture and shipping
  • Any additional cost involves

This few points above are mainly the consideration when dealing with a Corporate Gifts company, however most of this can be easily resolve if the pricing is transparent and all the costs are being factor in inclusive of GST, thus the worries is only when you deal with Foreign Corporate Gifts provider.

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