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Corporate Gifts: Your Brand Speaker


Corporate gifts are a great way to promote your brand. This should be pretty evident if you’ve ever gone to any kind of convention and seen all the corporate and branded items there.

Corporate giveaways are part of the ‘industry standard’ marketing practices in most industries. They offer a swift, effective, and relatively inexpensive way to push your brand forward with the audience you’re trying to reach. They have become indispensable tools in establishing credibility for any kind of business brand.

It’s easy to think that you only need to get something with your logo made in bulk and distribute it at a public event, and you’re good. This is simplistic thinking. In many cases, you end up making the wrong impression.

You have to remember that your corporate gifts are brand ambassadors of your company. They’re not something that you take lightly. They’re not something that you get made, distribute, and forget about. They should be part of a larger overall branding strategy.

Otherwise, you put yourself in the unfortunate situation of having others define your brand. You don’t want your company to be thought of as cheap, classless, or tacky. Unfortunately, that type of situation happens all the time.

There are many fairly large companies as well as fast-rising companies that end up hitting a branding speed bump because they became careless with their corporate gift strategy.

Corporate gifts form a key part of the overall brand identity you’re creating for your company. Be very careful. You should only give away corporate gifts that reflect the brand values you are trying to create in the minds of your target customers.

Here are just eight things your corporate gifts say about your company:

#1: Traditional Gifts Do Not Create the Right Impression

Traditional gifts like ballpens, manual fans, balloons, and the like do not produce the right impression. In many cases, they’re completely neutral.

The only message that you are communicating when you give these types of gifts is that you’re going through the motions. That’s right. They seem obligatory.

They don’t really present your company in the best light possible. This is especially true if you buy substandard pens and put your brand on it. If anything, such gifts would make your company look cheap.

#2: Corporate Gifts are Supposed to Be Memorable

Your corporate gifts impact how memorable your brand is. This can have a lasting impact when you’re trying to build networks for business development. You want distributors, vendors, suppliers, and service providers to have a very professional view of your company.

Pay attention to just how memorable the gift is. If it’s something that’s extremely forgettable because it’s so generic, like a pen, you might want to think twice. You might want to focus on something that’s easier to remember.

#3: Corporate Gifts should Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Complete Business Ecosystem

You might think that gifts bearing your logo are primarily intended for the general public. You would be absolutely wrong.

When people start sharing your gifts, it’s only a matter of time until it gets to your complete business ecosystem. We’re talking about your distributors, business providers, vendors.

These people might get the wrong impression of your brand if you get the wrong corporate gifts made.

#4: Consider Giving the Right Expensive Gift to the Right People

If you are trying to maintain a relationship with longtime high-value clients, you might want to spend more money on expensive corporate gifts.

It may seem like you are spending over budget and this might seem like a luxury. However, considering how much these preferred clients contribute to your bottom line, you should quickly realize that whatever money you spend on more expensive gifts are actually a drop in the bucket.

Focus on the long-term overall value of the relationship. Don’t focus on the price tag of the corporate gifts you are buying.

#5: Internal Gifts Boost Employee Productivity

When you give gifts to your staff, it says a lot about your corporate values. At the very least, giving to your employees says that you value their work and loyalty.

This goes a long way in boosting overall productivity, as well as work quality.

It might seem like you’re not spending all that much money on these gifts, but it’s the thought that counts.

#6: It Says to Your Employees that They Are Appreciated

Most people like to think that they matter. Most people like to feel appreciated and acknowledged.

By simply giving gifts to your in-house staff as well as your freelancers and contractors, you increase the likelihood that they would become more loyal to your company.

Everybody likes to feel appreciated, even people who do business with many different customers. You can bet that they are more loyal, or at least more appreciative, of clients who give them tokens of appreciation.

#7: It Says Volumes about Your Business Strategy

When you’re giving corporate gifts, people equate the selection, type, and overall quality of the gift with their perception of your business strategy. Either you’re a company that is going places, or you are a formerly great company that is on its way down.

It may not seem obvious, but the gifts that you choose actually stand in for certain corporate values.

#8: It Shows How Much You Value Your Clients

Your corporate gifts highlight to your clients how important they are to you.

These gifts should not be taken lightly. They should be functional, they should be memorable, and they should add solid value to the lives of the most important people to your business: your customers.

Make sure you invest quite a bit of time, effort, and energy in selecting the right gifts.

It’s easy to think that since there are so many companies offering these types of gifts, you can select them casually. That would be a big mistake.

You have to remember that everything you do in connection with your customer base, as well as your business ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, and service providers, has a direct impact on your brand.

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Wallpaper vs Painting

Wallpaper Pros:

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Wallpaper Cons:

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  • Remove existing wallpaper can be a tedious job to do. Always consult an expert for removal.

Painting Pros:

  • Require lesser preparation work than wallpaper installation.
  • Durable

Painting Cons:

  • Damaged wall could be chipped off and require repainting.
  • Limited visual effects and design compare to wallpaper.

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What is Corporate Gifts?

Singapore Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift come in many shapes and type. They are mostly given by a business to its employee, business partners or for marketing purpose.

Type of Corporate Gifts




Corporate gifts also known as Promotional Merchandise mainly come in the form of e.g Tissue Paper, Water Bottle, Pen, Lanyard, Umbrella, and even unique stuffs like Travel Adaptor. Most of such corporate gifts are printed with the company logo or design on the corporate gift to show a form of branding as compare to products without the company printed logo.

Corporate gift come in many shapes and type. They are mostly given by a business to its employee, business partners or for marketing purpose.

Why Corporate Gifts?

Company gift is mainly used for building relationship between business to business, business to customer. It is often given at events such as company anniversary, company new product launch, company diner etc.

The most common period is December during the thanks giving month, many corporate gifts are ordered and given to important relations of the business.

Main consideration when buying Corporate Gifts

  • OEM (does the product allow customisation such as adding your company logo / design)
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Cost per piece
  • Time to manufacture and shipping
  • Any additional cost involves

This few points above are mainly the consideration when dealing with a Corporate Gifts company, however most of this can be easily resolve if the pricing is transparent and all the costs are being factor in inclusive of GST, thus the worries is only when you deal with Foreign Corporate Gifts provider.

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