Wall.sg: Wallpaper Singapore

Wall.sg is a new wallpaper singapore startup co-found by 3 young entrepreneur. The company focus on providing quality wallpaper of two different genre: pvc (polyvinyl chloride) and non-woven.

This 2 type of wallpaper are the most popular in the market, their durability is between 5 to 7 years, however factors such as workmanship, humidity and other elements could affect the durability.

Wallpaper Designs





Wallpaper vs Painting

Wallpaper Pros:

  • Very durable – able to hold up wear & tear by children.
  • Many of the wallpaper¬†are scrubbable.
  • Good visual effects & mood therapy.

Wallpaper Cons:

  • High moisture area might cause the wallpaper to peel off.
  • Remove existing wallpaper can be a tedious job to do. Always consult an expert for removal.

Painting Pros:

  • Require lesser preparation work than wallpaper installation.
  • Durable

Painting Cons:

  • Damaged wall could be chipped off and require repainting.
  • Limited visual effects and design compare to wallpaper.

Korea wallpaper

Just as the trend of Korea linking with K-Pop, K-Drama and anything that related to Korea.

Korea Wallpaper is also very popular in the wallpaper industry. They feature a boost of floral, some art painting, bubbles, modern wallpaper style.


Wallpaper definitely take a hit to the painting market, and now they are in trend with most young family. Definitely 1 of the must consideration design factor when you approach your interior designer.